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Do you experience difficulties cutting your toe/finger-nails due to any of the following?

Problems bending or inability to reach your feet

Insufficient hand strength to use nail cutters

Poor eyesight making cutting awkward

Thickened, hard-to-cut nails

Who can attend?

Having attended Manor Croft Clinic for an initial assessment and treatment, any patients may request, or be offered, referral to our nail care treatments.  These can be alternated with our ordinary clinic appointments.

What is included?

Nails will be cut and filed using our professional and sterile equipment. Rough skin will be filed, with paddings and dressings applied as appropriate.  The treatment will be completed with a moisturizing massage.  The practitioner will assess your feet during each visit, discuss any problems you may have, and make a referral if necessary.  The practitioner will see all patients, including diabetics and those taking steroid and anticoagulant therapy.  Any problems recognized will be dealt with appropriately.

Who will carry out the treatment?

Our nail care service is offered by Jenny Thomson, a student podiatrist currently studying at Southampton University.

How much will it cost?