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What is biomechanics?

Podiatric biomechanics is a specialism concerned with foot function and locomotion. It encompasses foot development and aims to preserve and/or restore the function of the foot and its associated structures.

The foot is an intricate and mechanically complex structure made up of 26 major bones, associated joints, and soft tissue structures.  The efficiency with which the foot functions when walking depends on the way in which these bones and joints move in relation to each other.  The efficient and pain-free function also depends heavily on the foot’s angle to the leg and to the ground.  If things do not work well in any of these areas, painful problems may result.

Biomechanics refers to the analysis of the foot and leg function and the diagnosis of any functional problems or abnormalities.

What problems can occur?

Aching feet and painful lower limb problems don’t have to be endured.  The cause of such problems is often due to the misalignment of the joints and resulting soft tissue stresses in the leg or foot.  This can lead to common problems, such as:

  • Aching and over-tired feet
  • Ankle sprains and weaknesses
  • Overpronation (collapsing of the arch)