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At Manor Croft Clinic we aim to provide ease of access to our services for people who may have difficulty due to personal disability.

We are positioned on the ground floor of Manor Croft.

Because we offer a one to one service between patient and practitioner we are able to provide a friendly helping hand with mobility, sight and hearing difficulties, to make your experience as positive as we can.  Our reception staff is also available to assist as best they can.  Please ensure we are told of any particular needs at the time of making your appointment.


Exceptional access is available for vehicles displaying a disabled sticker.  We are situated at the dead-end of Church Path and parking on the yellow lines outside of the driveway provides unimpeded access with a very short walk to the clinic entrance.  A sturdy stone seat is provided halfway along the driveway if a rest stop is required.  We regret that parking in the driveway is not available as the vehicle would restrict access for our other disabled patients.


Wheelchair ramps are available in the entrance lobby which has a 4-inch step to be negotiated.  We ask that patients advise our reception, at the time of booking an appointment, to request the ramps be placed in position prior to arrival.  There is a doorbell at a suitable height to the right-hand side of the door frame if any assistance is required.

We advise patients requiring the aid of a walking frame or other equipment to request a steadying hand if required.


Firm and steady armed seating is provided in the reception area.


Reasonable wheelchair access is available to the toilet.  Larger wheelchairs may not be possible.  We are restricted in this Grade 2 Listed Building in the reasonable changes we can make.

Excellent nearby public disabled facilities are however available at Ferneham Hall (100m opposite us), or at Fareham Shopping Centre (Library Entrance), about 150m from us.  The Ferneham hall facility is a more level walk.


If you are hard of hearing please advise our reception at the time of making your booking.  Our staff is always happy to write notes if you prefer.


Where any significant steps occur these have been highlighted in yellow & black warning tape.

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All of our patient information sheets can be provided in large text format on request.